I went to Chitra’s beautiful amazing Deep Yoga Relaxation workshop, it always makes me feel very calm in my body and mind. I have a great sleep and it is a wonderful positive way to start the week. The very strong positive energy from the group makes me feel very blessed to be part of a yoga family.


Beth Misselbrook

I attended Chitra’s Deep Yoga Relaxation Workshop and I have to say that I am never disappointed by these events! The atmosphere is vibrating with nurturing and welcoming energy and the yoga is gentle and not competitive. I especially love the chanting which is divine and energetically clearing. Afterwards there is a deep sense of well being and community which is unique to find these days. I would highly recommend the workshop to everyone who needs a break from the stressful demands of daily life. Very renewing! Namaste Infinite love & blessings.


Tamara De Four

I went to a workshop that Chitra was teaching and enjoyed myself very much. She has a very calming and relaxing voice. She is warm and welcoming! I would recommend to anyone seeking relaxation and yogic teaching to attend her classes and workshops!

Juanita Brittain

I still remember the first time I took her class at the Y. This was many years ago!  I was amazed by the profound experience achieved through quieting the mind and moving through the poses.

Chitra is dedicated yogini.  She has a strong desire to help her students be their best, to find balance and to discover the benefits found in yoga.  It has happened more than once, that I have felt that she delivers exactly the kind of class that all of the participants need.  This is her intuition at work.  I feel blessed to have met this sensitive and caring teacher.

Tammy Schmidt

I am so very thankful to Chitra for creating such a safe and welcoming space in her workshops.
Her workshops are simple yet profound and her sense of humour keeps us grounded and light!
After attending I feel regenerated and closer to myself. I love this woman.

Roxana Ionas

Chitra’s relaxation yoga sessions make me relaxed and help me ground myself and delve into my true self . The classes are conducted in a guided fashion and combine poses with breathing and meditation. These three elements  make for a very unique experience that I recommend to everyone. It will make a difference at the end of the day and it will charge you with new and refreshing energy.

Corina Sfe

I  always look forward to Chitra’s Deep Yoga Relaxation workshops because I know that they will put in a deep state of tranquillity.  In her workshop all of my worries and anxieties just disappear.  Her genuine concern for people inspires trust so just put yourself in Chitra’s hands and let her take you away on her magic carpet to a place where stress just melts away….

Delia Fasiolo

I’ve known Claudia for 16 years and I feel very blessed to have her in my life. She is a great and warm person and an amazing teacher. With her soothing voice, she has gentle way to guide you physically and mentally.

She helps me seek and obtain inner strength, love and kindness and gratitude toward myself. She always as a nice word and a lovely smile for everyone and I always feel welcome.

Already looking forward to my next yoga session.

Maritza Edmond