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A Thoughtful Student

Year after year, I have the pleasure in leading some of the kindest and most thoughtful people.  Anthony had many insights as he practiced yoga with me.  His reference letter below reflects exactly that.   


Feb. 12, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

It is a pleasure for me to write a letter of recommendation for my yoga instructor Claudia (Chitra) Ciccone. I started taking yoga lessons with Chitra in July of 2013. I have enjoyed these lessons very much and outside of the time I was away from Montreal, with only a handful of exceptions, I have taken a class with Chitra at least once a week.

Chitra is knowledgeable, professional, and very dedicated. She always gives me a full class. On a number of occasions, I had to tell her that the hour was up.  Chitra is an excellent teacher. She is super quick to diagnose the problems with my poses, and her recommendations are precisely what are needed to eliminate the difficulty. I am truly impressed with her abilities in this regard.

In connection with this recommendation, I believe it is appropriate to describe the substantial benefits derived from my yoga practice:

  1. Prior to beginning yoga, I was unable to touch my fingers to the ground without bending my knees. Now I can do so with 5 or 6 inches to spare.
  2. Yoga has helped my posture enormously. Posture has been a problem for the first 70 years of my life. But after practicing yoga for four months or so, my friends pointed out that I showed dramatic improvement in this regard. In fact, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in about 8 years, and she was startled to notice the improvement. I do relapse from time to time but there is no question about the improvement.
  3. A big part of yoga is deep breathing. A good deal of medical literature touts its numerous positive effects. I find deep breathing to be extremely relaxing. It is a great stress reliever.
  4. Yoga has helped me a great deal with balance. I have frequently been able to stand on one leg for over two minutes. Prior to yoga, I could only do it for a few seconds. As one gets older, this is extremely important.

When one observes Chitra for a few moments, a few of the benefits she has accrued are obvious: she has perfect posture and she is strikingly graceful. It is evident that she practices what she preaches.

If you can afford yoga lessons, take them. Better yet, take Chitra.

Anthony Daristotile






Deep Yoga Relaxation



What is “Deep Yoga Relaxation?”
It is a Yoga practice involving an active process guiding the body to eventually reach a deep state of meditative sleep.

To connect with the subtleties of the body that exist between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind.

Benefits include relief from over-thinking and restoration.
The breathing exercises offer the conscious mind space to simply be and live our true potential!

Regular practice of deep yoga relaxation allows negative thoughts to dissolve, giving space and opportunity for a greater purpose in Life.

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