I am Yogini Chitra.  I practice Hatha yoga.  It is my mission to invite people to explore consciousness found in the practice of yoga.

Yoga has helped me better understand our interconnected world. It is my calling to invite my students to explore the channels that energize and align the physical body through movement, breathing, meditation, and chanting.

As I lead my students through guided relaxation, breathing exercises and vibrational healing through chanting they discover:

*stress management & better sleep habits

*overcoming past obstacles

* self-love and empowerment

*spiritual health

*meeting professional and creative relationship goals

I teach yoga in many settings including gyms, spas, one on one and in corporate settings.  Examples include:
My very own wellness workshops
*Deep Yoga Relaxation
*Meditation and Chanting
* Vibrate Your Life’s Destiny Yoga Sequences and Roots Chakra Balancing
Collaborating to create workshops with other wellness professionals:
*Yoga and Journalling
One on One Sessions such as:
*Deep Yoga Relaxation
*Facilitating movement and comfort for senior citizens through chair Yoga
*Yoga for pain management
For over 8 years I have had a regular following of 60 participants per
session in a corporate setting.  During this time, I have also had steady participation from committed students in gyms and studios throughout Montreal.
For 4 years I have taught Yoga In The Park for the City of Montreal.
I have volunteered in various settings, including teaching yoga to children in an orphanage in Mexico City in 2016.